Animal Removal

Warzone Pest Control's complete range of pest control services includes humane wildlife removal and dead animal removal and surrounding regions. Our trained and experienced technicians eliminate any unwanted animal from your residential or commercial location and provide clean-up, decontamination, repair and wildlife relocation services.

Wildlife Removal

Since laws vary from region to region, it is recommended to enlist the services of a licensed professional for safe and effective wildlife pest control services. Warzone Pest Control has the required training and certification to remove nuisance wildlife in the region. Our qualified pest control specialists provide humane and effective services that do not adversely affect the environment or any untargeted species.

Warzone Pest Control technicians provide professional recommendations for long term wildlife control that begins with a thorough inspection of your property. Our qualified experts have the knowledge and experience to keep any unwanted critter from outside sheds, gardens, decks, and other landscaped areas.


Do you have a problem with ants in your home or at your place of business?


Identifying an Ant Infestation
Ants are easy to recognize and can be difficult to eliminate once they have invaded a location. Attracted to any form of food, ants will invade and contaminate food supplies quickly. In addition, among the many species spread across North America, several types of ants will not only significantly damage a structure in a relatively short length of time, ants have been known to also cause troublesome health issues as well as being an unsightly nuisance to property owners.

Ants form colonies headed by a queen and her workers. They develop quickly into large nests formed along the openings and crevices of a property. The Warzone Pest Control pest control experts are trained and experienced to quickly identify any ant species that can threaten the well-being of individuals and the overall structural integrity of your property in with a customized pest control program for their quick removal.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a serious problem throughout North America is no exception.


Bed Bug Pest Control
Bed bugs have become a serious problem throughout North America is no exception. Challenging to get rid of and control because of their ability to survive long periods of time without feeding, Warzone Pest Control has devised effective pest management techniques that eliminate bed bugs from your home or commercial property.
Bed Bug Hiding Places
A thorough inspection of a property infested with bed bugs is necessary in order for pest control management to be effective. Habitats include mattress seams, bed frames, headboards, baseboards and carpet edges. Cracks and crevices, upholstered furniture and particularly any area used for sleeping are also potential hiding places for bed bugs.


Although bees are crucial to an enduring and balanced ecosystem, they can be irritation a significant danger when they set up hives close to your home or business.


Bee Pest Control
Although bees are crucial to an enduring and balanced ecosystem, they can be a significant danger when they set up hives close to your home or business. If you regularly see or hear bees at your location, chances are they are too close for comfort. A pest control inspection from Warzone Pest Control professionals is the first step to safeguarding your property and the people on it from a potentially harmful bee infestation.


No one can deny the beauty of the presence of birds, however sometimes they may pose a significant health threat similar to nuisance rodents.


Methods for Bird Control
Warzone Pest Control pest control specialists begin with a thorough inspection of your home or business property to assess and accurately identify the problem and then formulate precise plans for safe yet effective removal. Our licensed bird control experts provide long term pest control solutions that include precise nesting and shelter modifications or the professional installation of exclusion devices that prevent nuisance birds from accessing your property. Both humane and effective, Warzone Pest Control will apply the most appropriate solution to rid your property of unwanted wildlife that may also include predator / prey solutions devised by our trained pest control experts.


Among many types of pest problems, nothing is more distasteful and more challenging to control than a full blown cockroach infestation.


Cockroach Pest Control
Among many types of pest problems, nothing is more distasteful and more challenging to control than a full blown cockroach infestation. Among the oldest living species on earth, evidence of cockroaches has been documented in fossils that are more than 300 million years old! The longevity of this particular pest classifies them as one of the planet's most adaptable survivors.

Cockroaches are nocturnal and extremely adept at hiding. Since they do all of their feeding at night, if you happen to spot one scurrying around in mid-day, chances are you have a potentially large infestation on your hands that will most likely require immediate professional assistance.

The presence of cockroaches in the home or workplace can threaten wellbeing and cause serious health problems in addition to severely damaging, or even destroying, a business reputation within a range of industries. For this reason, do-it-yourself pest control methods for eliminating the tenacious cockroach are rarely successful and best carried out by a licensed and experienced pest control expert to ensure success.


Mice and rats can squeeze through small spaces and quickly take over any location.


Rodent Pest Control
Warzone Pest Control provides safe and effective mice and rat removal at your home or workplace.

Mice and rats can squeeze through small spaces and quickly take over any location. Rodents breed rapidly and transmit bacteria and disease just as fast. Even if you have not actually seen a mouse, tiny rod-shaped black droppings found near baseboards or food storage areas are often reliable indicators that rodents have invaded your premises.

Residential and commercial rodent pest control is absolutely essential to preserve your quality of life and business reputation. In addition to protecting health and peace of mind at home, Warzone Pest Control rodent inspections and maintenance services are recommended for:

Hotels and hospitality outlets
Retail stores
Healthcare institutions
Academic institutions
Food processing plants

It is best not handle a problem with rodents on your own. Although there are many do-it-yourself methods for controlling rats and mice, these homespun pest control solutions are often insufficient to eliminate a problem that can quickly develop from a few critters into a full blown rodent infestation. If you suspect that rodents have invaded your location, contact the pest control professionals at Warzone Pest Control for safe, efficient and permanent removal of rats, mice or other vermin.


Spiders crawl in through open windows, doors, cracks and crevices to look for food and make their nests inside your home or workplace.


Eliminating Spiders
Since spiders are natural predators and other insects serve as their main source of sustenance; reducing the spider's food supply through strategic pest control methods is recommended for effective control of other pests. Experienced Warzone Pest Control technicians apply an integrated pest management plan to eliminate spider infestations. This includes the implementation of preventative measures, practical tips for improved sanitation and controlled applications of specific pest control products in targeted areas to ensure that spiders do not return or settle in on your property in the first place.



Application of EPA-approved virucides, sanitation & deodorizing methods on all contaminated areas to prevent the spread & growth of viruses left by bats and areas they reside in. These processes also include cleaning of all areas where they have been and secondary exclusion to prevent return.


You could have a termite infestation and never know it for years. Be certain that your property is structurally sound and healthy with a certified termite inspection.


Comprehensive Termite Inspections When you want to know for sure whether you have a termite infestation or not, the best thing you can do is get a termite inspector who takes a thorough approach. Termites can hide in all kinds of spots, and the signs of an infestation aren’t always evident. This means an inspector will have to get into the nooks and crannies to get a complete picture.
We don’t leave any areas unchecked. Our inspectors will require access to many spaces in your home or business, including the attic, under the sink, garage, crawl spaces, and more. We don’t want there to be any place unchecked because termites can hide everywhere.
While we take a comprehensive approach, we’re efficient in our work. Contact us now to learn more about our inspection methods.